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Police Simulator Patrol Officers: How to Call for Transport

Swiftly take control of the situation by calling for transport




Police Simulator Patrol Officers How to Call for Transport

Police Simulator Patrol Officers puts you into the fictional American city of Brighton. The usual tasks for a police officer in any city are to report incidents and arrest criminals who seek to destroy the peace in the city.

As such, sometimes you might need to call for transport like a backup during a problematic mission or any other form of assistance.

This guide will teach you how to call for transport in Police Simulator Patrol Officers so that the next time you encounter a scenario that requires a call for transport, you know exactly what to do.

Let’s get started.

How to Call for Transport

Calling for transport in the game is manifested into mostly two scenarios, calling for an ambulance and calling for backup.

An ambulance is needed to call when you encounter a rather devastating crime scene. During one of your shifts as an officer, you will get a call about an incident that will happen that will most likely have some casualties.

To call for transport in this scenario, you will have to go into the menu while aiming at the body to bring up the call ambulance option.

The call ambulance icon will only show up during this time so you won’t find it hard to find. If you’re not sure, check out the illustration below so you can see it.

How to Call for Transport
Image source: Tonytoser

Another scenario to call for transport is calling for backup.

According to the developers, players can call for backup during a heated mission, and also you can call for colleagues to pick up a prisoner you have arrested.

heated mission
Image source: Tonytoser

Doing this is as simple as bringing up the menu. You will know when the backup arrives when it notifies you on the top of your screen.

Simply follow these steps if you want to quickly call transport for assistance!

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