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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get a Shiny Greninja

Get your hands on a shiny Greninja using these steps.




Pokemon Scarlet and Violet How to get a Shiny Greninja

A 7-star Tera Raid Greninja Battle is about to happen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starting on February 10 to 12.

With that, players have been eyeing to finally obtain a shiny Greninja. Needless to say, it really is a big advantage if you have a shiny Pokemon, not to mention, a Greninja.

However, we are sorry to burst your bubble, but you won’t be able to really catch a shiny Greninja from the Tera Raid that’s about to happen.

Still, there’s a different method to get your hands on one. Let’s find out what it is.

How to Get a Shiny Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Get a Shiny Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Source: ConCon

As previously mentioned, you can’t get the shiny Greninja by participating and winning this Tera Raid. Plus, it is quite unfortunate that you can only catch one from here.

But if you really are persistent in having one, there is a way that requires some extra steps. Here’s how:

Have a Normal Greninja

Have a Normal Greninja

Source: ConCon

In your pursuit of getting a Shiny Greninja, the first thing you have to do is have yourself a base Greninja. You can obtain a Greninja through different methods.

Since the Greninja Tera Raid is upcoming, it is expected that lots of players would want to trade Froakies in the Surprise Trade from the Poke Portal.

However, having a Froakie might take a while since it will just evolve into a Greninja once it turns level 36.

Another way to have a Greninja is by participating and winning the Greninja Tera Raid. This is a more difficult but guaranteed way to get a Greninja.

Go to the Shops for Ingredients

Go to the Shops for Ingredients

Source: ConCon

In the central-eastern part of Mesagoza, you will see three shops called Sure Cans, Deli Cioso, and Artisan Bakery. These stores sometimes sell ingredients to make Egg Power II meals.

You will need at least 10 bananas, butter, and peanut butter to make the Great Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Add a Foreign Ditto to your Party

Add a Foreign Ditto in your Party

Source: ConCon

Once you have completed the ingredients for the sandwich, look for a place where you can start a picnic.

But before actually starting a picnic, place a foreign Ditto in your party. Basically, the foreign Ditto will breed with the Greninja.

Take note that your Ditto must be a foreign one to increase the chance of producing a shiny egg. You can tell that it’s a foreign one if its name is in a foreign language.

As shown in the picture, the Ditto’s name is written in Chinese characters.

Start a Picnic

Start a Picnic

When the party is set, you can now start the picnic at your chosen location.

Once the table is set, you will be asked what you will do. There, choose to Make a Sandwich.

With all the ingredients that you have purchased, simply look for Sandwich 17 or the Great Peanut Butter Sandwich from the choices.

Start a Picnic 1

The picnic will last for 30 minutes, so all you have to do is wait for it to finish. But if you are too excited, you can go and check the picnic basket every once in a while.

Hatching the Eggs

Hatching the Eggs

When the picnic is done, you will then notice a lot of eggs in your box that you will have to hatch.

If you still haven’t known this, there is a technique done to hatch eggs quickly. Just look for any fire-type Pokemon that you have and place it in your party, then remove the Greninja for a while to make space for the party.

However, your fire-type Pokemon must have an ability called Flame Body.

Hatching the Eggs 1

So, the trick goes like this.

Put the selector on the first egg. Press the minus button, move the selector all the way down, and then press the A button. That way, you can transfer all the selected eggs to the party.

When the eggs are added to the party, all you have to do is run around and make as many footsteps as you can make. It is better if you run in a place where there are a few wild Pokemons or nothing at all to prevent interruptions.

Hatching the Eggs 2

With this method, it shouldn’t take long for an egg to hatch. Once the first batch of eggs is hatched, proceed to the next batch and transfer them in your party.

Repeat the process until you hatch all of them and a shiny Greninja appears.

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