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PocketCiv: Beginner’s Guide | Tips and Ticks to Get You Started

Follow these tips to kickstart your empire.

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PocketCiv Beginners Guide Tips and Ticks to Get You Started

Pocket Civ is a tabletop strategy game that has recently been released. It involves turn-based, solitaire-like gameplay where you build your own empire. You will also defend your empire from natural calamities and different scenarios to survive.

This game will test your strategic skills and adaptability, so it is important always to have a plan. Brainy games such as this can look overwhelming at first, but this simple guide will give you tips to start your empire.

PocketCiv 6 Beginner Tips

PocketCiv 6 Beginner Tips

As I’ve mentioned, this game will test your strategic skills and adaptability. Here are the best 6 beginner tips to make it easier for you to learn the ins and outs as fast as possible.

Tip 1: Build your First City in a Region with a mountain

Make sure that you build your first city in an area near a mountain and a forest. It is important to build your city near a forest because you will eventually turn the forest into a farm. The farm will allow you to get important upgrades such as masonry.

A good example would be to build in areas 3, 5, and 8. For your first turn, it is advisable to spread around to gather as many tribes as possible.

Tip 2: Build cities in safe regions in Era 1

Tip 2 Build cities in safe regions in Era 1

For your first city, make sure to look at the number inside the red circle.

A good indicator of a relatively safe region is the number of numbers that have passed on it. You can check this through the number with the red circle on your cards. This is the possible amount of times that calamity will happen.

Tip 3: Get Masonry, Cartage, and Basic Tools

For your first advancement, it is recommended to get Masonry to increase your City’s AV by 1. Further investment in Masonry will unlock Engineering advancement, which can help you rebuild your cities after calamities.

Another advancement that you should unlock is Cartage. This will help you have farms in places with no cities. This can eventually help you bridge your resources across cities.

Another advancement to take is Basic Tools, which makes the cost of increasing a city’s AV cheaper.

Tip 4: Build a Farm and City

Tip 3 Build a Farm and City 1

Another good tip is to build your farm first, then your city. Make sure you do these in the same region and on the same turn.

The reason for this is that it gives you a higher chance of dealing with tribe-decimating events successfully and will help you reach your first advancement sooner.

Tip 5: Get an Astronomy

Tip 5 Get an Astronomy

After the three important advancements, it is highly recommended to get the Astronomy advancement.

The reason for getting astronomy is having the ability to ignore an event card and replace it with a different one. This will make you avoid events that can wipe away your city.

Tip 6:  Never  Skip a Superstition

An especially good event is superstition. This event will skim through cards faster. This will significantly help you progress through era 8 faster. This event will stack well with your astronomy, in terms of surviving catastrophic events.

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