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Pharaoh – A New Era: Beginner’s Guide

Let us help you get started in the remake of this classic city builder.




Pharaoh A New Era Beginners Guide

Pharaoh is a classic city-building game that is getting a new life through its remake Pharaoh: A New Era.

If you’re a new player who never played the original game, you might find yourself a bit lost, especially if you don’t have much experience with the city-building genre.

Don’t let that deter you, however. Just read on as we give you some beginner tips to get you started!

Beginner’s Guide for Pharaoh: A New Era

Before we begin, note that these are just some tips to get you started. The game is fairly deep and complex, and a lot of it has to be learned by playing the game.

Nonetheless, these tips should greatly help you have an easier time while you get accustomed to the game. Now, let’s move on to our beginner tips:

Plan Your Roads

Plan Your Roads

Source: Official Game Steam Page

As with most city builders, planning your roads efficiently is extremely important. This takes some practice, so you might not get the hang of it right away.

The basic thing to keep in mind is that you want related buildings to clear roads between them. For example, you want easy roads for workers to walk between their home and their workplaces.

You also want to carefully plan roads when it comes to the distribution of goods. Build roads between markets and their suppliers, as well as straightforward roads for buyers to reach the markets.

Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with this at first, as it can take some getting used to. Just keep trying to build roads in logical ways.

Build Desirable Areas

Build Desirable Areas

Source: Official Game Steam Page

Houses in the game have different levels of Desirability. This affects how well-regarded each house is. As much as possible, try to keep your houses desirable.

One thing you should avoid is putting Markets, Granaries, or Hunting Lodges too close to houses. Being too close to these buildings will lower House’s Desirability.

Nobody wants to live right next to the bustling and noisy markets, right? Or the Hunting Lodges when they dispose of their rotten meat, for example.

As with the first tip about roads, this may take a bit to get used to but will feel logical once you get the hang of it.

Open Trade Routes

Open Trade Routes

Source: Official Game Steam Page

Trade Routes are important as they allow you to both export and import goods from other civilizations.

Some missions might require you to import things such as Sphynxes and the like, which can get extremely costly. But on the other hand, you can export materials such as copper to make money.

Keep your trade routes open and export any surplus resources you have. This should keep your civilization’s economy healthy.

Keep Your Population In Check

Keep Your Population In Check

Every House you build invites new citizens to live in it. However, houses require upkeep and materials. For example, you will need to provide water and keep your citizens fed.

You should avoid building an excessive number of houses, as it will bring in too many citizens. Try to balance the number of houses with your available resources. Don’t overpopulate.

Citizens also require work, so make sure there are enough workplaces available for all your citizens as well. Again, make sure to keep things balanced between people and resources.

Appease the Gods of Egypt

Appease the Gods of Egypt

Eventually, you will meet the Gods of Egypt who will request the admiration of your people. You will have to appease them with worship or they will bring their wrath down on your population.

A good way to please the gods is to hold Festivals. The Lavish Festivals are extremely pleasing to them, in particular.

However, these Festivals are also fairly expensive, so you’ll need to carefully manage your resources and ensure that you’re available to hold festivals regularly to please the gods.

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