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PGA Tour 2K23: What is Tempo and How to Improve It

Achieve the perfect tempo if you want the perfect golf swing

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PGA Tour 2K23 What is Tempo and How to Improve It

PGA Tour 2k23 is all about mastering the perfect golf swing. Golf is a challenging sport to master since even one small mistake can lead to the biggest of consequences.

Mastering your swing is composed of many parts – one of which is the Tempo. This guide will introduce tempo as well as tips on how to improve your tempo to achieve that perfect swing.

What is Tempo

Tempo is an essential factor to master if you want to have a perfect swing in golf. It’s one of the primary factors in your swing.

It’s basically the speed of your downswing leading up to your hit. It’s when your character transitions from a downswing to a backswing.

How to Improve Tempo
Image credits: Gamerability

Players can see the feedback on the quality of their tempo on a meter on the right side of your screen. This is called the tempo meter.

You can practice your swings by going to the training facility and pressing the left swing button. Make sure to keep practicing so you can get it to perfect every swing.

How to Improve Tempo

Practice, Practice, and Practice

The key to achieving the perfect tempo is not magic. It’s simply just hopping on the training facility and shooting as many shots as you can trying to get the perfect tempo down

The tempo meter will indicate whether it’s perfect, too fast, or too slow. If you see yourself often getting too fast, then slow down a bit to match it.


Another factor is to focus. On the initial swing, make sure to focus on anything on the screen – like the golf ball.

Then focus on the initial swing to really get it down. For every mistake, you must know what you did wrong to achieve quality improvement.

Choose your Aim Difficulty

Raising or lowering the aim difficulty in the settings is something no one should be ashamed of.

Choose your aim difficulty
Image credits: Gamerability

Choose the difficulty that’s more fun for you. The lower the difficulty, the more forgiving the game is towards a perfect tempo.

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