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PGA Tour 2K23: How to Defeat Tiger Woods | Earn Your Stripes Achievement Guide

Unlock Tiger Woods as your Rival and defeat him to get the Earn Your Stripes Achievement Trophy.

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PGA Tour 2K23 How to Defeat Tiger Woods Earn Your Stripes Achievement Guide

Creating your own Golfer via the Career mode in PGA Tour 2k23 is one of the highlights in today’s sports-themed games.

Starting from scratch and leveling up your character, equipping them with skills to make them stronger leads to a diverse way of enjoying the game.

As you clear events, you will come across the rival system. This is where you can choose one of three golfers to be your rival in a tournament in which you are competing to earn bonus rewards if you defeat them.

You have a total of 14 rivals to compete against with Tiger Woods being the 14th rival in your career path. Defeating him in the event will give you the Earn Your Stripes Achievement Trophy which is one of 29 other achievements you can collect in PGA 2k23.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to get Tiger Woods to be Your rival as you establish your character to be the best golfer in PGA Tour 2k23.

Guide to Defeating Tiger Woods and unlock the Earn Your Stripes Achievement in PGA Tour 2K23

Guide to Defeating Tiger Woods and unlock the Earn Your Stripes Achievement in PGA Tour 2K23
Image Source: Cheevo Guides

When you start MyCareer mode in PGA Tour 2k23, you will have to create your own custom character.

You will have to use your character to enter tournaments or events to earn experience points to strengthen and unlock archetype skills to make your character stronger.



During events, you will encounter a set of 3 rivals for each tier in the tournament. Think of them as bosses for each level who you have to compete against to progress to the next tier level and unlock bonus rewards.

There are a number of events that you can compete in per season. You can only compete against 1 rival per event so You will only need to compete in 14 events to eliminate Your Rivals and reach Tiger Woods.

You can skip events you don’t want to participate in and battle rivals in events you are comfortable competing against.

Events to Join

Events to join
Image Source: Cheevo Guides

Keep in mind that you have six achievements that are locked to competing in six specific events.

These events are the Players Championship, The Legends Championship, the Golf Club Championship, the Northwest Open, the Royal Championship, and the Fed Ex Cup.

The Fed Ex Cup

The Fed Ex Cup
Image Source: Cheevo Guides

For the Fed Ex Cup, you will need to win the last 3 events for the season to win the Fed Ex Cup because it is 3 tournaments long. The FedEx Championship, the BMW Championship, and the Tour Championship.

Compete against your rivals in these tourneys to shave off 8 rivals while getting the 6 Event achievements.

Setting up your Rivals

Setting up your rivals 1

Once you register for an event, you have to make sure that you set a rival to compete against in each event.

If you forget to do this, the system will remind you to do so, and pressing the challenge button will set a rival for you.

Facing Tiger Woods

Facing Tiger Woods

Win event tourneys and clear the 13 rivals for you to compete against Tiger Woods as your 14th rival. Defeating him will grant you the Earn Your Stripes Achievement in PGA Tour 2k23.

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