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Persona 3 Portable Review: Is It Worth the Buy?

Check out the newly remastered Persona 3 Portable and see if it’s for you.

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Persona 3 Portable Review Is It Worth the Buy

Instead of having a new Persona game, we have a remastered Persona 3 Portable. Persona 3 Portable was a game introduced into the PSP to allow those without a console to play the game.

However, we can now play it on the PC via steam and consoles. The question is if it is worth it to buy.

Here, we’ll have a look and show you if it is worth purchasing or not.

Remastered Persona 3 Portable Review

Remastered Persona 3 Portable Review

Source: The Guide Guild

Persona 3 Portable was released for the PSP. But, as the PSP is less powerful, it adds limitations to the game. For example, you are not allowed to run around the campus.

Moreover, instead of a 3D explorable world, it was replaced by a 2D point-and-click.

Audio quality was compressed, and the anime cutscenes were removed. The epilogue chapter added to the Persona 3 FES, “The Answer,” is not available in this version.

Remastered Persona 3 Portable Review 1

Source: The Guide Guild

In Persona 3 Portable, there are two new difficulties: Beginner and Maniac. You can now also fully control your party members. Additionally, there is a Guard command in this version of the game.

The newly added Co-op attacks are one of the features of this version. Once you knock out an enemy, there is a slight chance your party member will follow up an attack for extra damage.

There is also a New Game + mode which allows you to choose who you will end up with, as the game is also part dating sim.

Once you select the female protagonist, you can have friendly interactions with the male characters instead of trying to fall in love with all of them.

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