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Panilla Saga: Best Heroes to Progress Faster

Use these heroes to progress further in the game

Romeli Daclizon



Panilla Saga Best Heroes to Progress Faster

Panilla Sage is a retro-inspired idle RPG. It was at first accessible in the east. It was just recently made available on Android and iOS in the West.

There are approximately 100 heroes in the game, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. To help you advance quickly, we’ll introduce you to some of the top heroes.

Most Effective Heroes to Progress Faster in Panilla Saga

Best Heroes to Progress Faster in Panilla Saga
Credits: CVMG

Battles in Panilla Saga take place automatically. Heroes must be assigned before a match can begin. Five heroes are the most you may send out at once.

The game is a Gacha; therefore, you must summon heroes. This is something you can do in the city’s Tavern. The game’s top 5 heroes for progression can help you out.

Best Heroes to Obtain

Best Heroes to Obtain

The finest heroes to use are those if you want to advance the game more quickly. These heroes are the best carries to progress faster and further in the game.



Delilah is the first hero. In the first phase, when everyone is still charging their abilities, she has the highest DPS.

She also possesses the skill effect known as Pack Leader, which allows her to give teammates 15 LCH.



She possesses a skill that allows her to call forth an avatar with 60% of her qualities. If an ally dies, she can also receive a bonus for her damage and resistance.

She gains CRIT and LCH if you attain her potential.


When her skills are available, she will cause the most damage. She has many powerful AOE attacks and boosts the damage the enemy may take.


In terms of sustainability, she excels. She may heal comrades and bestow shields upon them.


He is currently the best hero to use for advancing through the game. He could be able to stop enemy damage.

He can drain their energy and absorb their damage, preventing them from employing their special abilities. Their rate of energy regeneration is also slowed down by him.

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