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Operation Harsh Doorstop: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know      

Let us help you get started with this tactics-heavy first-person shooter.




Operation Harsh Doorstop Beginners Guide Everything You Need to Know

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a tactical FPS with a heavy emphasis on team tactics, so coordinating with your squad is vital to the game.

As such, there are some things you should know before you start the game. This guide will tell you everything you should know as a new player!

Everything You Need to Know about Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Everything You Need to Know about Operation Harsh Doorstop

Source: Vehicle_law

Before you start, pick whether you wish to play on Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

We recommend playing Singleplayer with bots first, as it makes it easier to get used to the game’s controls and gameplay flow. We also recommended keeping the number of bots to about 12 to 16 bots.

Having too many bots will cause performance issues and be unwieldy in gameplay.

Now, let’s go over what you need to know before you start the game.

Basics of Gameplay

Basics of Gameplay

Source: Vehicle_law

As soon as you get into the game, you’ll be in the Command Menu. From this menu, you can view the map, select your team, select your class, and check your squad.

You can see the active factions on the top left, along with their Reinforcements, called Tickets. Whichever faction loses their Tickets first will lose.

From this screen, you can also choose your spawn point. Sometimes, spawn points will be locked due to being too close to an active objective, so choose the nearest spawn point instead.

Basics of Gameplay 1

Source: Vehicle_law

You can also check for any map markers laid by your Squad Leader. These usually suggest that your Squad Leader needs the squad to focus on that spot.

Teammates in the same squad as you will show in green, with the Squad Leader being a larger icon. General teammates from other squads will appear in blue instead.

Understand Your HUD

Understand Your HUD

The game’s HUD shows you all the information you need to know at any given moment.

On the top center is the compass which you can use to identify where enemies are and call them out to nearby friendlies.

On the bottom left is your character’s current stance which shows whether you’re standing, crouching, or in prone position.

Understand Your HUD 1

The bottom right shows your weapon information. It shows how many magazines or bullets you have left, which type of fire you have active, and which sight you’re using.

Lastly, you can see the status of the current objective on the top right. If the bar is red, the objective is being held or captured by enemies. If it is white, allies have the objective or are capturing it.

The red triangles show how many enemies are at the objective, while the white circles show how many allies are there.

Keep in mind that it only shows up to 3 allies or enemies, so there might be more than 3 nearby.

Communicate with Your Team

Communicate with Your Team

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a game entirely focused on team tactics. Lone wolves won’t live long in this game, so communicating with your team is extremely important.

You can communicate with your faction by pressing K or your squad by pressing L which will open up the text chat.

There’s also voice chat which you can use by pressing V for local or B for the squad. It’s highly recommended to use voice chat when possible, as it’s the fastest way to relay information.

Know Your Objectives

Know Your Objectives

The main game mode in Operation: Harsh Doorstop currently is Advanced and Secure, also known as AAS.

In this game mode, both factions appear on opposite ends of the map. Your goal is to push forward, capture objectives and defend them against your enemy.

Every time your team captures an objective, the opponent loses 25 tickets and your team gains 25 tickets. Only 3 allies are needed to capture a point. Of course, your team loses 25 tickets and your opponent gains 25 tickets when they capture one of your objectives.

The first team to reach 0 tickets will lose.

Don’t Instantly Assume the Role of Squad Leader

Dont Instantly Assume the Role of Squad Leader

As a new player, you should avoid taking the role of Squad Leader. Choose a subordinate role instead until you get used to the game.

The game is very focused on tactics, as has been previously mentioned, so a Squad Leader has to know the ins and outs of the game to be an efficient leader.

Being a Squad Leader is a big responsibility. For the time being, use what we’ve just told you in this guide to start getting your footing in the game.

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