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One Piece Odyssey: Where to Find Yuka and Nina

In Chapter 4, you need to find Yuka and Nina once you get to Water 7.




One Piece Odyssey Where to Find Yuka and Nina

When One Piece Odyssey players reach Chapter 4, they’ll go to the City of Water 7. Here, you must find two people, Yuka and Nina. This guide will teach you how to find them in the Water 7 Dock.

Where to Find Yuka and Nina in One Piece Odyssey

As soon as you enter the Water 7 Dockyard, head to the stone warehouse in the top middle of the map.

Talk to the petite dinner lady, Granny Hatsu, when you walk in. The blond woman who serves dinner will tell you to wait until Yuka and Nina come.

The quest will be prompted, but there will be no markers on the map. So, where can we find Yuka and Nina?

Nina’s Location

Nina Location

Source: Gamerpillar

Nina can be located at the northeast corner of the Dock Yard. To get to her, you will need to climb up the control deck with the two terminals that control the loading cranes.

Press both buttons to move the cranes. From there, look for the crane closest to the canteen building and use Luffy to get onto it. You will then climb up to a decking.

From there, aim for the other cane, which hangs above the scaffolding next to the ship. Swing over, and you will find Nina on top of the scaffolding.

She will tell you why she isn’t in the canteen when you talk to her. You are given two dialogue options with different dialogue results from each:

  • Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • You should try to become a Shipwright.

This time, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Yuka’s Location

Yuka Location

Source: Gamerpillar

The southwest corner of the map is where Yuka is. Cross the arched stone bridge to get to the area where materials are kept. Then, stay on the right side of the metal fence to keep people from falling into the canal. You will find Yuka looking over the fence.

If you talk to her, she’ll tell you she’s shy and doesn’t know how to feel about writing a love letter to someone in the Dock. You then have two choices for what to say:

  • You should go ask for an answer
  • You should wait for his response.

The answer you should choose is “go ask for an answer” which is the first option. This will get her back with the dinner ladies in the cafeteria.

Head back to the kitchen and speak to Granny Hatsu to complete the quest.

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