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One Piece Odyssey: Where to Find Yoisa Shop Location

Head to the Yoisa Shop and purchase valuable Accessories for your pirates!




One Piece Odyssey Where to Find Yoisa Shop Location

Purchasing new Accessories can boost your characters’ abilities in One Piece Odyssey.

Because of how much they may boost stats, Accessories are essential.

Raising Nami’s ATK, for example, allows her to one-hit KO numerous enemies in different regions with Thunderbolt Tempo.

Characters with a strong DEF stat also have a higher chance of surviving special attacks during boss encounters.

Around halfway through the game, battles become harder; therefore, upgrading your characters can help them speed through encounters and increase their survival.

Throughout Waford, you’ll find stores selling various goods; if you have enough Berries, you can buy some rare and unique items from these stores.

The Yoisa Shop, in particular, is one option that sells accessories to make your characters stronger.

Follow this map and directions to find the Yoisa Shop easily and quickly.

Yoisa Shop Location

Yoisa Shop Location
Source: FP Good Game

The Yoisa Shop can be located in the eastern part of the Great Sandy Desert, specifically in the area marked on the map above.

Simply speak to the Yoisa in order to purchase an item.

Here, you can buy the following:

  • Yoisa Chamber of Commerce Exclusive Badge – 1000000 Berries
  • Defense +60 Ring – 15000 Berries
  • HP +149 Ring – 15000 Berries
  • Guts +68 Ring – 15000 Berries
  • Attack Power +114 Ring – 15000 Berries

That’s all for our Yoisa Shop Location guide! It’s so easy to find, right? Now, go and purchase your accessories.

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