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One Piece Odyssey: Ultimate Cooking Guide

Use Sanji to cook powerful food items that can grant bonuses to your pirates!




One Piece Odyssey Ultimate Cooking Guide

One of the most significant crafting features in One Piece Odyssey is cooking. It allows the player to prepare various meals, with several unlocking at different points of the game.

Each has a specific function, such as providing enormous damage or defensive stat boosts, status condition remedies, etc.

While it is important later in the game, it can be confusing to understand it all on your own.

Here’s all you need to know about cooking in One Piece Odyssey and how to unlock it.

Unlock Cooking

Unlock Cooking
Source: FP Good Game

In Chapter 2, players will begin to access various features in One Piece Odyssey, including cooking.

Complete the essential plot missions in Nanohana Harbor before entering the Spice Bean bar.

When you enter, you will speak with the Tavern landlord, who will direct you to Cook Krin.

After a few cutscenes, Sanji and Cook Krin will compete. You will be tasked to gather Sandy Shells and Scorpion Legs.

Sandy Shells are found on the beach west of the harbor where your ship is docked. As Sanji, you may locate numerous of them by walking across the beach.

Meanwhile, the Scorpion Legs can be obtained from defeating Scorpions in the desert near Nanohana.

Return to the Spicy Bean and chat with the Cook once you have your Sandy Shells and Scorpion Legs.

After that, you will unlock the ability to cook. This may be done in any Camp you set up, as well as any tavern, restaurant, or bar you come across in the game.

Increase Cooking Skill Level

Increase Cooking Skill Level
Source: FP Good Game

As you proceed through the game’s main plot, you will eventually restore your lost memories and abilities.

These usually unlock other abilities or allow you to increase the number of Cubes in a skill. This, however, also applies to crafting abilities.

You will need to deposit Sanji’s Cubes into the Cooking Skill to increase the level.

It takes three Cubes to get to level 2. You will instantly unlock a new set of cooking recipes when you complete this.

Keep in mind that removing those Cubes prevents you from reaccessing them.

We recommend putting the Cubes on Sanji’s Cooking abilities while you’re at camp and placing the Cube back into the skills you want them to be in once you’re done.

That’s all you need to know for Cooking in One Piece Odyssey. Now, go ahead and start cooking!

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