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One Piece Odyssey: Retrieving Lost Strength Guide

Follow Adio to reach the ruins

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One Piece Odyssey Retrieving Lost Strength Guide

One of the newly added characters you can meet in One Piece Odyssey is Adio and Lim. At the beginning of the game, Lim will take the strength of the Straw Hat Pirates.

This will then give you the quest, Retrieving Lost Strength. The objective is to find a Cube Fragment to restore your character’s strength or upgrade your skills in the game.

After completing the initial quest in the Lake Shore Cave, the next part is going to the ruins. We made this guide to help you achieve this.

Doing the quest, Retrieving Lost Strength

south of his camp
Source: FP Good Game

Once you finish partying in the camp for the night, talk to Adio to reach the next area. You can find him south of his camp.

Follow him to reach a new location called Thunderhead Bluff. The enemies in the area should be familiar to you now, so it should be easy to defeat them.

Before you go to the following location, you can head to the beach in the south. From there, go to the pond east of the save point to find Usopp’s Cube Fragment.

Luffys Cube Fragment.
Source: FP Good Game

In the next area, Adio will climb a vast stone structure. Before following him, you can take a right, then a left, to find Luffy’s Cube Fragment.

On the left of that fragment is a chest that contains a Mighty Excite Apple. After grabbing them, follow Adio up.

Cube Fragments
Source: FP Good Game

Before you climb, go to the nearest column to find Chopper’s Cube Fragment. Use Luffy’s Gum-Gum ability to make your way up to the structure.

Upon reaching Adio, a cutscene will trigger, and the following location, Thunderhead Ruins, will now be unlocked.

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