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One Piece Odyssey: How to Use Crabby Port

Ride a giant crab along the Straw Hats!




One Piece Odyssey How to Use

One Piece Odyssey is an action RPG released in 2023 by the Japanese studio ILCA. In this new adventure, players will gain control of the famous Straw Hat Pirates after they are left stranded on a mysterious island full of threats and dangers.

Despite the game’s engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics, some players are having trouble when trying to use the game’s many fast-travel systems.

Since some of these systems may be confusing, we have crafted this guide to show players how to use the Crabby Port found within the game.

Finding the Crabby Port

Finding the Crabby Port
Source: ZaFrostPet

When venturing through the Great Sandy Desert, you will eventually find a giant crab that seems to have the solution to crossing the quicksand present in the area. Keep in mind that you need to have completed the main story’s quest to be able to use the Crab Port.

After a short dialogue, Chopper will tell the player that the crab wants to know where the player wants to go.  

interact 1
Source: ZaFrostPet

You will now need to interact with the sign located at the left of the crab (shown in the image). This interaction will prompt the appearance of a menu on the upper-left corner of the screen that displays the name of different locations.

You will now have access to different locations that were not previously available, so be well-prepared before venturing to a new destination!

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