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One Piece Odyssey: How to Defeat Unripe Banana Gator

A guide to defeating the Unripe Banana Gator

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One Piece Odyssey How to Defeat Unripe Banana Gator

One Piece Odyssey is one of the most famous games on the market now. It features a massive map to explore and has the iconic JRPG, a turn-based party system that demands mechanical skill from the players.

While this game is a great fan service for long-time one-piece fans, this game also attracts hardcore JRPG players because of its boss fights.

For an anime JRPG, One Piece Odyssey has fairly difficult boss fights. One of these is the Unripe Banana Gator. This guide will help you defeat the Unripe Banana  Gator in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Defeat Unripe Banana Gator

The Unripe Banana Gator is a fairly difficult boss fight for your party. It has really high Health Points.

Apart from its normal attack, it also has a move called Banana Stamp, which has a chance to confuse the target. It also Has Gator Breath, a fire attack that can cause group damage.

Turn 1:

Luffy – Gum Gum Bullet

Usopp-  Exploding Star

Zoro – Lion Song

Nami – Mirage Tempo

Mirage Tempo
Image source: FP Good Game

For the first turn, it is important to use skills that are heavy in damage but not too expensive in terms of Tension points.

It is good to invest in Zoro’s Lion Song while pairing it up with Usopp’s Exploding Star to deal burn damage. Zoro’s Lion Song also contains bleed, which can inflict additional damage.

Turn 2:

Luffy – Normal Attack

Usopp-  Exploding Star

Nami – Cyclone Tempo

Zorro – Normal Attack

Normal Attack
Image source: FP Good Game

Turn 3:

Luffy: Bond Move

Usopp: Cloven Tiger Trap Roseo Pound

Zoro: Bond Move

Nami: Bond Move

After these three turns, the boss should be fairly on low HP. You can finish it off with either normal attacks or skills that your Tension Points can afford.

Bond Move
Image source: FP Good Game

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