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One Piece Odyssey: How to Defeat the Thunder Colossus

Destroy these machines first to fight the Thunder Colossus

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One Piece Odyssey How to Defeat the Thunder Colossus

Once you reach the Thunderhead Ruins in Warfort on One Piece Odyssey, you must find the Thunder Colossus and defeat it.

The Thunder Colossus is found in the following area of the Thunderhead Ruins, where it is surrounded by an enormous energy field.

This guide will help you reach the Thunder Colossus and defeat it.

Shutting Down the Machines to Defeat the Thunder Colossus

Shutting Down the Machines to Defeat the Thunder
Source: FP Good Game

To reach the Thunder Colossus, you must destroy the machines powering up the surrounding energy field.

heading to the east
Source: FP Good Game

Start by heading to the east. You will find a small hole that Chopper can fit in. Use Chopper and pass through it and reach a small chamber.

Zoros Cube Fragment
Source: FP Good Game

At the end of the path, you will see vines that allow you to climb up. Before you go up, get Zoro’s Cube Fragment on the right of the vines.

machine to trigger
Source: FP Good Game

Climb up, then go to the left to reach the top. You will find the first machine to trigger and interacting with it will stop the flow of electricity.

You can also find a chest near the balcony containing an Excite Apple.

south to find a ladder

Head south to find a ladder. Use the ladder to go down and reach the second device. Interact with it to stop another flow of electricity.

head west

Return to the entrance, then head west to find a ladder. Climb up the ladder to find the third device. Trigger it twice to stop the flow of electricity, which will also open the door on top and on the left.

Go through the door on the left. Climb the wall northwest of the room to grapple to the entrance in the same direction. Doing this will let you reach the final device.

Now you fight the Colossus. Head back to the entrance, save, then challenge the Thunder Colossus.

Defeating the Thunder Colossus

Thunder Colossus

The Thunder Colossus can hit many enemies with lightning. You can put Luffy in front of it, as lightning does not affect him.

It also has the weakness of Power. You can use Chopper and Sanji to make the fight quick.

You will obtain the Thunder Colossus Core, the Thunder Colossus’s Record Cube, and the Thunder Colossus’s Power after defeating the Thunder Colossus.

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