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Octopath Traveler 2: Crop Revival Quest Guide

A guide on completing the Crop Revival quest.

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Octopath Traveler 2 Crop Revival Quest Guide

Octopath has its fair share of quests to complete. In one of the towns you encounter called Cropdale, there will be a quest given by an NPC that seeks to revive the art of crops. This quest is called Crop Revival Quest.

Some players might find this quest a bit challenging. Worry not though, as we’ll teach you how to complete it in this guide.

Crop Revival Quest Guide

Crop Revival Quest Guide

Source: PrimeraEspada91

To start the side quest, talk to Weaver in Cropdale who is in front of the cafe after you cross the bridge.

Once you approach him, he’ll share with you about the dying art of Crop Textiles. He is looking for a pattern of Crop Textiles so he can revive the craft. The quest will start once his dialogue ends.

Leave the town towards the Forest Path until you meet the Elderly Woman’s Son. To get there, head north onto the path that has color banners on top. Afterward, head to the left path and you will see Elderly Woman’s Son.

Talk to him to gather information. After talking to him, head to the house overlooking the river. You will find a Crop Tapestry Pattern in that house.

Crop Revival Quest Guide 1

Source: PrimeraEspada91

After getting the Crop Tapestry Pattern, return to Weaver in Cropdale. Give the tapestry to him so he can recreate a genuine one.

Once you manage to complete the quest, he will give you 3000 leaves, an Invigorating Nut, and an Inspiriting Plum.

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