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Northgard: How to Trade With Kobolds

Not everything can be solved with your sword. Sometimes, the best way in dealing with other NPC players is through trade.

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Northgard How to Trade With Kobolds

When exploring the map of Northgard, you will chance upon tile areas controlled by NPC factions such as elves, Jotun or Kobolds.

Waging an all-out war, especially against Kobolds can be time-consuming especially when you are starting.

Due to their greedy nature, Kobolds usually tend to set up camp on resource points which can be restricting sometimes especially if they control a specific resource for you to create powerful units.

If your map gives you kobold neighbors, especially early on in the game, then it’s best to start trading with them instead of setting up a Warband and trying to conquer early on in the game.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to trade with Kobolds and almost all NPC players in Northgard.

How to Trade With Kobolds in Northgard

How to Trade With Kobolds in Northgard

To trade with Kobolds, you will need to find the Kobold Camp. It’s usually 3 to 5 tiles at remote areas of the map but could sometimes Spawn a few miles away from your village.

Trade Requirements

Trade Requirements

First, you should build a woodcutter lodge. Assigning two villagers as woodcuters will ensure your wood stockpile which you need to build other buildings.

It is also one of the requirements for you to Trade With other Factions.

Trading Post

Trading Post

The next building will be the trading post. Having the trading post set up will allow you to trade with other factions in the game.

Assigning two villagers to the building will let them be merchants who will generate krowns (gold) which is a valuable resource in creating stronger units and buildings.

Kobold Camp

northgard kobold camp 1920x1080 1

Lastly, you will have to find the Kobold Camp. This is where you initiate a trade with the Kobolds.

To set a trade route, simply explore the area of the map to connect it with your village and select the Trading Camp, and set a trade route to the Kobold Camp.

Resources to Trade

Resources to Trade

You could either trade in food or stone with Kobolds. If you are patient enough, they could be lucrative business partners since they will continue trading with you indefinitely.

However, their camp usually sits on valuable resources so you could forego trading and destroy their camp if you lack the resources that the Kobolds hold.

Wiping the Kobolds out will give you 150 military points and 50 fame.

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