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Northgard: How to Get Warchief

Each Clan in Northgard has 1 or 2 Warchief. Getting them into your game depends on what Clan you are using.

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Northgard how to get Warchief

A Warchief in Northgard can be considered as Heroes in the game. Depending on the Clan’s strengths, each Warchief brings additional buffs or bonuses in the game.

The tutorial campaign in Northgard can be off-putting for players. It does not explain the game mechanics but instead, throws you into the fray with minimal explanation and you learn the game through trial and error.

And it doesn’t even end there, each clan has different strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes unlocking the warchief into your game can be quite confusing.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to get a warchief into the game in Northgard.

Guide on How to Get Warchief in Northgard

Guide on How to Get Warchief in Northgard

If you are playing the basic game with no clan DLC you can get the warchief into your game by recruiting them in the Training Camp. This is where you train your warriors in the game.

There are a few exceptions however, other clans have different ways of unlocking these heroes.

Snake Clan Warchief

Snake Clan Warchief

The Snake Clan gets their warchief for free at the start of the game. If she dies, you will have to recruit her in the skirmishers camp instead of the training camp.

Horse Clan Warchief

Horse Clan Warchief

The unique thing about the Horse Clan is that they have two Warchiefs. They can be summoned at the Forge.

Ox Clan Warchief

Ox Clan Warchief

The Ox Clan’s Warchief can be summoned at the altar. It’s a unique building at the start of your village tile.

There are a total of 12 Clans in Northgard so far. Although having these heroes in your camp is valuable, you should read the clan description first before choosing a clan and unlocking their specific hero.

Not all Warchiefs are bred for battle and you might end up disappointed when sending your warchief out with a Warband in battle only to get wiped out easily in the end.

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