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No One Survived: How to Make Boards

Boards are integral to building most items in No One Survived.




No One Survived How to Make Boards

No One Survived is still in early access, but many people are already enjoying it, with the game receiving mostly positive reviews on Steam.

In the game, you and your friends have to search for supplies and build shelters while also keeping an eye on your character’s needs state at all times.

A bad state in the game will likely lead to death.

However, No One Survived’s world is also filled with zombies. To escape them, you must build structures to keep away from them.

To build most of the items in the game, you will need to build boards. If you have yet to figure out how to build boards in No One Survived, here is a quick guide for you.

How to Make Boards

How to Make Boards

Source: NotTheAverageGamerz

Building boards in No One Survived is rather easy. Walk up to the processing table and use it. Boards, like axes, knives, and bows, will be listed alongside other items you can craft.

However, to be able to craft boards, you will need to gather supplies. You need to cut down logs and find other wood in order to build logs.

After building boards, you can construct numerous things within the game, including bridges, huts, and more.

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