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No Man’s Sky: How to Make the Heat Capacitor

Let’s find out how you can build a heat capacitor the quick and easy way.




No Mans Sky How to Make the Heat Capacitor

Despite its notoriously broken launch, No Man’s Sky has really turned itself around. After numerous improvement patches and free upgrades, the game now has a healthy community that regularly plays the game.

Though the message of releasing an unfinished game to be completed at a later date wasn’t the most remarkable trend to be started in the industry, it at least ensured that fans got what was promised all those years ago.

On top of exploring the universe, meeting other players, and interacting with aliens, No Man’s Sky also has an in-depth crafting system that allows players to create different weapons and other equipment to upgrade their character and ship.

An essential item that crafters will be making is a heat capacitor which is an advanced device.

If you are looking to craft a heat capacitor, here is a quick guide on how to do so.

Acquire the Blueprint

Acquire the Blueprint

Source: No Man’s Sky Wiki

Before you can start crafting a heat capacitor, you will first need the blueprint to do so. The blueprint can be purchased using nanites from the space anomaly synthesis lab. 

Travel to a Glacial/Frozen Type Planet

Travel to a Glacial Frozen Type Planet

Source: CrimxGames

Once you have the blueprint, head to a frozen or glacial-type planet and collect 100 Frost Crystals from Frostworts on your chosen planet.

Got to a Fiery/Boiling Planet

Got to a Fiery Boiling Planet

Source: CrimxGames

Now go to a fiery or boiling planet and collect 200 Solanium from Solar Vines found on the planet.

Craft a Heat Capacitor

Craft a Heat Capacitor

Source: CrimxGames

Once you have gathered 100 Frost Crystals and 200 Solanium, you can now craft a Heat Capacitor.

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