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MW2 DMZ: Where to Find Tsuki Castle Weapon Locker Key

Find the key to get access to the weapon locker in the area!




MW2 DMZ Where to Find Tsuki Castle Weapon Locker Key

If you’re like us, then for sure you want to know everything you can about the battlefield to gain tactical advantages. Sometimes, a weapon locker might just give you are seeking.

There are a bunch of these throughout the game, with one in the Tsuki Castle area, for example.

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can find the weapon locker itself.

Weapon Locker Key Location

Weapon Locker Key Location

Source: TroubleChute Basics

To open the weapon locker within the Tsuki Castle, you will need to find 2 keycards.

The first one will be used to open the Tsuki Castle while the second one will be used to open the weapon locker itself.

After searching in-game and the internet for a reliable method for farming the keys, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. The only way to obtain the key is to get it from random drops in certain areas of the map.

For Tsuki Castle, you will have to find its key within Al Mazrah.

Finding the Weapons Locker

Finding the Weapons Locker

Source: TroubleChute Basics

The second key is trickier to find as there is no confirmed method for finding it.

However, some players have reported that the bots around the Castle have a higher chance of dropping it.

Once you manage to find the key, head to Tsuki Castle and look for the lockers shown in the image. You will find some sweet loot inside of them that may give you an advantage during the match.

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