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MW2 DMZ Season 2: Where to Find Main Harbor Control Key Location

Find the control key to unlock the Main Harbor room.




MW2 DMZ Season 2 Where to Find Main Harbor Control Key Location

The second season of Modern Warfare 2 features new places, a refresh and reset, and a new faction to play with.

The new area, Ashika Island, is an Exclusion Zone where you invade the shores before you move inland. Here, you can find several doors and lootable containers that are kept behind rooms that require a special key to access.

Since there are so many of them, locating the one you’re explicitly looking for could be challenging.

One such example is the Main Harbor room. This guide will show you where its location is.

Main Harbor Control Key Location

Main Harbor Control Key Location

Source: TroubleChute Basics

The Warzone 2 DMZ’s Main Harbor Control position is north of Port Ashika (H6) as shown in the image above.

Once there, proceed to the little building by climbing the stairway. Here’s how to go there or discover it:

  • Go north of Port Ashika (H6).
  • Ascend the stairwell and unlock the door to the little building.
Main Harbor Control Key Location 1

You will need the Main Harbor Control key to access the room. The key can be collected randomly via opponent AI drops, HVT contracts, and loot containers.

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