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MW2/DMZ Season 2: Where to Find and Defeat Bombmaker Boss

Time to show the Bombmaker who’s boss!




DMZ Season 2 Where to Find and Defeat

The Bombmaker is a new boss in Warzone 2.0 DMZ, joining the existing bosses Al Mazrah and Building 21.

You can encounter the Bombmaker on the highest point of the new map, Ashika Island.

This boss can be tough to spot because he is located inside the castle, loaded with enemies and four AI turrets ready to shoot when anybody approaches.

This guide will teach you how to get to Bombmaker and defeat it in DMZ’s Season 2 update.

Bombmaker Location

Tsuki Castle
Source: glitchy

The Bombmaker may be located at Tsuki Castle, the highest point at the center of Ashika Island.

You will notice plenty of the troops patrolling near Tsuki Castle, but almost none on the grounds. So find a way to sneak past enemies and access the Castle grounds.

Destroy Wheelson

Destroy Wheelson
Source: glitchy

Once you get to the location, you’ll notice the doors to Tsuki Castle are locked. The only way to open it is by destroying Wheelson, a wandering robot sentry turret.

This machine can demolish you in seconds if you aren’t careful, so make sure to have a full squad and revival pistols.

After defeating the robot, interact with it to unlock the Tsuki Castle doors. Before entering, make sure to be prepared with armor plates, ammo, and lethals.

Defeating Bombmaker

Defeating Bombmaker
Source: glitchy

Enter Tsuki Castle with caution. Examine every room and keep an eye on the corners. Before attempting the Bombmaker, eliminate all enemies first.

When the Bombmaker is almost alone, use your semtex grenades and other lethals to defeat him quickly.

With the Bombmaker dead, take up his weapon and flee. You can also search Tsuki Castle for the Weapon Cache.

You might come across a key that will come in handy later. Finally, you’ll want to exfil as soon as possible, securely and successfully.

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