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MW2 DMZ Season 2: How to Extract Building Card 21 | Golden Ticket

Complete this mission from the newly added faction in DMZ

Romeli Daclizon



MW2 DMZ Season 2 How to Extract Building Card 21 Golden Ticket

DMZ has Faction missions that provide exclusive rewards and tons of XP. In Season 2, they added the new Crown Faction and a new map for Warzone 2 and DMZ.

One of the missions you can get in the Crown Faction is the Golden Ticket, and we will show you how to complete it.

Completing the Golden Ticket, Extracting Building Card 21

Building 21 Access Keycard
Source: Mr ZEUS OK

The Golden Ticket mission requires you to extract a Building 21 Access Keycard. You will obtain 5000 XP and an S0-14(contraband) if you complete it.

You can quickly obtain the card by playing on the new map of Ashika Island, and there are two methods to get it.

Buy Station

nearest Buy Station
Source: Mr ZEUS OK

The first method is buying it at the nearest Buy Station, but you need a large amount of money to do it, as the Building 21 Access Card costs $30,000.

Secure Nuclear Material
Source: Mr ZEUS OK

If you need more money, you can get the Secure Nuclear Material contract and find Nuclear Cache on the island containing nuclear fuel and $1,700. You should do this contract a few times, as at least 2-3 of them are on the map.

After making the contracts, you can head to a Buy Station and sell all the Nuclear Fuel you have as it can get you $7,500 per piece, so if you have 4 of them, you will get $30,000, which means you can now buy the Building 21 Access Card.

Building 21 Access Card
find a safe containing 22000

You can also head to the location in the image above to find a safe containing $22,000. This means you only need to make the Secure Nuclear Material contract once.

Supply Drop


The second method of obtaining a Building 21 Access Card is looting a supply drop. The only downside to this method is that sometimes the supply drop has one, and sometimes it has none.

Once you obtain the card, exfil from the map by calling in a helicopter to complete the mission Golden Ticket. Ensure you have the Building 21 Access Card in your inventory before you ride the chopper. 

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