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MW2 DMZ: How to Unlock Roze Relentless

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MW2 DMZ How to Unlock Roze Relentless

As games grew in complexity, customizing your characters became something of a golden standard for every multiplayer game nowadays.

The same applies to Modern Warfare 2. Recently, a new skin became available for operator Roze in the form of the Roze Relentless skin.

This guide will teach you how to unlock it.

Unlocking the Skin

Unlocking the Skin

Source: El Inge Krayziekev

It’s worth noting that this skin is free, but it requires you to perform certain actions within the game to unlock. That means you’ll have to play a lot of missions for different factions.

The first step towards getting the skin is by completing the introductory “Legion” Missions. Once this first set of missions is complete, you will unlock new missions under new factions.

Specifically, you need to complete the Tier 2 Missions for the Legion and White Lotus to unlock the Black Mous Faction.

Unlocking the Skin 1

Source: El Inge Krayziekev

Once you’re done grinding for Black Mous, you’ll unlock the Breaking and Entering mission which is the final task you should complete.

For this one, you will need to disable routers spread throughout the fortress, as shown in the image above.

This mission is quite challenging, but with enough practice, you will be rewarded with the Roze Relentless skin which is one of the best free skins available in the game.

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