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MW2 DMZ: How to Locate the Smuggling Tunnel

Explore the new map area and find the smuggling tunnel.




MW2 DMZ How to Locate the Smuggling Tunnel 1

The recent DMZ update introduced massive adjustments such as new spawn points, a more balanced difficulty for players, and a new Exclusion Zone.

The newly added location comes with a new set of missions that you have to fulfill, one of which is the Smuggling Tunnel.

To finish this mission, you have to do the three objectives which involve finding the Smuggling Tunnel, placing Tactical cameras, and extracting in one deployment.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can find the Smuggling Tunnel.

How to Locate the Smuggling Tunnel

How to Locate the Smuggling Tunnel

Source: GuidingLight

To start your journey, head over to the area between Al Mazrah and the hydroelectric station. There, you will see a stronghold. Open your map and look at the upper right corner to look for the entrance.

How to Locate the Smuggling Tunnel 1

Source: GuidingLight

It will then lead you to this ladder which is both easier and safer for you to enter. Now that you’ve located the tunnel, it’s time to move on to the next task.

Camera 1

Camera 1

Source: GuidingLight

Once you get into this passage, place a tactical camera on this plywood on the ground that you will see as you land inside.

Make sure that it is facing the entrance and not the other way around.

Camera 2

Camera 2

For the second camera, enter the room right in front of you after walking forward from the entrance. Once you unlock this Stronghold Door, you have to prepare for all the enemies waiting inside.

After taking them all down, head straight to the right path that you will see in front. It will then branch out again into two paths.

Choose the one on the left and head straight forward. After you go there, take a right turn and place the camera in front of the ladder.

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