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Music For Cows Trophy Guide – Season: A Letter to the Future

Don’t miss out on this missable bronze trophy.




Music For Cows Trophy Guide Season A Letter to the Future

The peaceful game, Season: A Letter to the Future, has a variety of missable trophies.

While the game isn’t too long, you’ll want to learn about these trophies if you’re aiming for 100% completion.

In this guide, we’ll cover one of the easily missable trophies in the game which is the Music for Cows trophy.

How to Get the Music For Cows Trophy

The Music For Cows trophy can be obtained when you go to Tieng Valley.

First, you’ll want to head to the cow field in the valley. Follow the road to the right of the Assembly Point, and you should see the big grazing grounds for the cows.

That’s your destination; approach it.

Now, look for a white building that’s similar to a silo. Ride up to it and get off your bike. Outside this building is a large speaker with a radio on top.

How to Get the Music For Cows Trophy

Source: 100% Guides

Approach the radio and interact with it. Turn it on and then change the channel.

Keep changing the channel until a calm song starts to play, which will trigger a short scene showing the reaction of one of the cows.

After the short scene, you will be looking at the radio again and the trophy should unlock.

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