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More Important Than Berries Quest Guide – One Piece Odyssey

Go to the Desert to complete this side quest.

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More Important Than Berries Quest Guide One Piece Odyssey

One Piece has been considered one of the best anime and manga of all time. With the upcoming release of the RPG game One Piece Odyssey, anime fans are excited to have the chance to play as any of the Strawhat crew.

As an RPG, there will be quests, sidequests in particular. We made this guide to show you how to complete one.

Starting the Side Quest, More Important Than Berries Quest Guide

Starting the Side Quest More Important Than Berries Quest Guide
Source: 100% Guides

Side Quests can be a drag sometimes. Some are long and tedious, while some will test your mettle by making you defeat a challenging enemy.

The More Important Than Berries, however, is more interesting as you have to find an item for an NPC.

sidequest 1
Source: 100% Guides

To start the sidequest, go to this location in Nanohana and talk to the NPC, Irritated Man. Once you select the option, “Yeah, let’s ask!”, he will give you the task of finding him a photo.

Nanohana 1
Source: 100% Guides

The first part of the photo, Picture of 2 Children, is located west in the Desert Near Nanohana.

Picture of 2 Children

Go through the tunnel, then stop before the broken bridge to find it.

through the tunnel
Source: 100% Guides

The second part, Picture of 1 Adult, is located north of the Desert Near Nanohana, in the Ravine Of No Return.

Picture of 1 Adult

To get there, pass through the tunnel on the right. Continue sticking to the right until you pass two more tunnels.


The Picture of 1 Adult is located next to a pile of bones. There are also enemies in the area, but you can ignore them and go straight to the quest item.


Source: 100% Guides

Upon finding the two photos, go back to the quest giver in Nanohana and talk to him to complete the sidequest.

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