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MIR M: Which Class to Choose | Class Guide

Find out which class suits your preferred playstyle.

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MIR M Which Class to Choose Class Guide

The global release for MIR M is getting closer, and if you have been playing MIR4, you should look forward to this game.

The developers added a new system where you can choose if you want to become a warrior or an adventurer for more unique and varied gameplay.

Like MIR4, MIR M is an MMORPG for iOS and Android with several classes you can choose from. We made this guide to show you what these classes are.

MIR M Class Guide

MIR M Class Guide

Source: WEMADE Global

There are a total of three classes in MIR M, each with its own unique abilities and specialties. They’re as follows:


Warrior 1

Source: WEMADE Global

The first class is the Warrior which serves as either the tank or swordsman in the game. Warriors rely on their massive HP to stay longer on the battlefield and deal physical damage to finish off their enemies.

Warrior 2

Source: WEMADE Global

The Warrior has the Lion’s Roar skill which deals damage around the caster and stuns enemies for 3 seconds. This skill also reduces the enemy’s defense by 25% for 5 seconds.

Needless to say, the Warrior class excels in fighting 1v1 battles.

If you are standing at the center of a battle, attracting enemy fire, and fighting at close ranges, then the Warrior class is the one for you.



Source: WEMADE Global

The following class is the Sorcerer who wields powerful magic ranging from Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Sorcerers are also known to have the highest DPS in the game.

In exchange for this, they have lower HP and defense, making it hard to be in front of the battlefield.

With practice, however, players will learn how to effectively use them even when facing enemies head-on.

Sorcerer 1

Sorcerers are the best when it comes to defeating groups of enemies. It’s a perfect choice if you want to stay at the backlines while dealing vast amounts of damage.



The last Class is the Taoist who have the ability to turn the tides of battle. Taoists can either strengthen their allies with buffs, revive allies, or bring chaos to enemies with debuffs.

Taoist 1

You can even play as a solo Taoist by relying on summoning Nachals to help you defeat enemies without needing another player.

The Taoist is your calling if you want to play as a support or summoner.

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