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MIR M: Profession Guide | Production, Crafting, and Enhancement

Learn how the profession system in the game works.




MIR M Profession Guide Production Crafting and Enhancement

Players in MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond can take up a variety of professions that are all related to gathering and processing materials.

Moreover, players can use these professions to make their characters geared up for combat. Alternatively, they can also serve as a source of income, as you’ll be able to trade your products with other players.

In this guide, we will go over all professions in the game and their role, as well as how you train and improve them.

Profession Guide for MIR M

The game features a total of 9 professions. They can all be categorized into 3 distinct categories, each one comprised of 3 professions. These are Production, Crafting, and Enhancement.

Let’s detail each of these 3 categories and the professions within each one.



Production is the category that governs material acquisition. As such, its 3 professions are Gathering, Fishing, and Mining.

  • Gathering is the profession that covers your ability to gather materials from plants such as roots and mushrooms.
  • Fishing allows you to fish and procure materials.
  • Mining is used to exploit mineral veins to obtain various precious materials.

In the case of production, each resource target has a set level. The chance of obtaining materials from each resource node depends on how your profession level compares to the resource’s level.

Training these professions is very important to guarantee that you can actually take advantage of the resources you find.



The Crafting category, as its name indicates, relates to your ability to craft items and equipment. Its professions are Smithing, Alchemy, and Refining.

  • Smithing allows you to turn raw materials into Production tools and gear.
  • Alchemy lets you use materials to create items used for skills, Inner Force growth, and potions.
  • Refining lets you create Accessories, Dragonsoul Stones, and Enhancement Stones you can use to Enhance items.

Items you craft can be traded with other players, making this a solid source of revenue when leveled up.



Lastly, the Enhancement category lets you apply various boons to items. It’s divided into Enhancement, Enchantment, and Blessing

  • Enhancement lets you enhance your equipment and Production tools by making use of Enhancement Stones.
  • Enchantment allows you to apply various boons to your gear, such as HP increases.
  • Blessing is used to increase the Max ATK Chance of weapons, increasing their potential damage.

All of these professions have varying amounts of success depending on various factors, such as your level in the profession.

You can see the different outcomes and their probability on the left side of the screen.

Training and Promoting Professions

Training and Promoting Professions

Much like how you gain experience when you take part in combat, professions can be leveled up by using them. Simply continue mining and your mining experience will go up, for example.

Eventually, you’ll reach the level cap for your title, which will allow you to take part in a Promotion Quest to upgrade your profession.

It’s vital to take and complete these quests as soon as possible so you can continue leveling your profession.

Additionally, you can gain bonus levels with certain Profession Mandala Spot Points or even as boosts from equipped gear.

These levels are shown in parenthesis beside your current profession level and don’t count toward Promotion.

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