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MIR M: Profession Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Focus on Production first before you do anything else.

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MIR M Profession Guide Everything You Need to Know

In MIR M, fighting enemies and doing the story quests is one of many things you can do. Another thing you can do is to increase your Profession level.

There are three different Professions, and each has three more branches. In this guide, we’ll show you which one to focus on first.

Profession Guide

Profession Guide

Source: Orangee

The three different Professions in MIR M are Production, Crafting, and Enhancement.

You can check them by tapping the three bars in the upper right corner, selecting Advancement, and going to the Profession tab.

Out of the three, you should mainly focus on Production as the materials needed for Crafting and Enhancement are obtained through it.

Production is then divided into three more branches: Mining, Fishing, and Gathering.

Profession Guide 1

Source: Orangee

Mining should be your primary focus because of the ores you can get which you can then use to craft items.

After obtaining a Pickaxe, you can go to a mining spot, and start mining nodes to get ores.

Once you have enough ores, turn them into ingots by going to the Smithing Section in the Profession tab.

Profession Guide 2

Source: Orangee

You can also upgrade your Pickaxe to a better one by crafting.

This will benefit you as a higher rarity pickaxe has more durability and item effects like the Tiger Pickaxe, which has a 5% Mining Time Reduction.

There are two things you can achieve while Mining. First is that you can obtain more ores which you can then craft into ingots to craft items.

Second is that it gives you a low chance of successfully crafting a gear.

Mining Darksteel

Mining Darksteel

Darksteel is a type of currency you need to craft gears, and it can only be mined by purchasing the Hidden Valley Mining Rights Pass for $9.99.

So if you are a free-to-play player, you will unfortunately have a limited source of Darksteel.

The other way is to mine Tradeable Enhancement Stones. Luckily, there are two benefits to mining it.

Mining Darksteel 1

First, if you have enough Normal Enhancement Stone Purity +1, you can craft them into a Normal Enhancement Stone Purity +2, then turn them to +3, and so on.

However, keep in mind that crafting a better Enhancement Stone is not guaranteed.

Crafting a higher Enhancement Stone will allow you to enhance your gear to a higher level. You can also choose to sell it at the market.

Mining Darksteel 2

As you increase the level of your Profession, you will be able to gain more advantages.

Also, the higher the level of your Profession, the higher your chance of obtaining a high-quality item or material.

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