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MIR M: How to Redeem Code

Have an advantageous start by redeeming a coupon code.

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MIR M How to Redeem Code

MIR M lets you choose if you want to become a Warrior and traverse different battlefields, or an Adventurer that can either gather items or craft ones.

It is the sequel to MIR4, and similar to it, you can choose a class that is suitable for your playstyle.

It recently launched globally, and as everyone is basically a beginner at the game, you can get a jump start by redeeming codes.

Let’s find out how.

How to Redeem Coupon Codes

How to Redeem Coupon Codes

Source: JFMSTR

To start, you need to launch MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond and play through the tutorial. After completing the tutorial, you can now have the ability to redeem codes.

You can redeem codes by selecting or tapping the three bars in the upper right corner of your screen. Select or tap Settings, then go to the Account section.

Enter an official MIRM Coupon Code, then confirm to obtain your reward.

How to Redeem Coupon Codes 1

Source: JFMSTR

Currently, there is only one coupon code available. Type the code MIRMGRANDOPEN to obtain a CM’s Gift Chest (I) containing:

  • 3 ATK SPD Potion (M)
  • 3 Accuracy Potion (S)
  • 3 Normal Enhancement Stone Purity +3
  • 1 Reforging Stone
  • 5 Normal Feed
How to Redeem Coupon Codes 2

Source: JFMSTR

You can find your free reward in your in-game mailbox.

The code lasts until February 28, 2023, so redeem it before it expires. If you want to obtain more codes, you can follow the game’s official Facebook and Discord channels.

We hope that this will help you as you start your journey in MIR M.

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