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MIR M: How to Get Mileage and Free Summon Ticket

Be consistent and get a Free Summoning Ticket.




MIR M How to Get Mileage and Free Summon Ticket

MIR M combines extensive and in-depth gameplay with cutting-edge tokenomics that will soon be available worldwide.

The items/currencies acquired during gameplay can be exchanged in the Server Item Exchange and the inter-server Wayfarer’s Item Exchange as part of MIR M’s in-game economy system.

Blockchains and the WEMIX platform are used to connect the system to the real-world economy and extend it into a mega-ecosystem.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Mileage and Free Summoning Ticket without spending a dime in the game.

Wayfarer Shop

Wayfarer Shop

Source: IceXGame

In the Wayfarer Shop, you can obtain one free Honor Token Exchange and a Raid Token Exchange daily every time you log in to the game.

Each exchange will give you 10 Mileage, meaning you can get up to 20 Mileage a day.

If you want a Guaranteed Relic Companion Summoning Ticket, you will need 30,000 Mileage. This will take you 1,500 days which is not an ideal option.

Wayfarer Shop 1

Source: IceXGame

Instead, you want to head to the Investment category and try your luck in opening a Mileage Lucky Chest. This one costs 200 Mileage which you can acquire in 10 days as long as you stay consistent.

Opening a Mileage Lucky Chest can give you 200-250 Mileage, depending on how lucky you are.

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