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MIR M: How to Earn

Have fun while gaming and make some money in MIR M.




MIR M How to Earn

The popular pay-to-earn MMO, MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond, features many ways for its players to make money.

Available on mobile devices and PC, players can earn in MIR M by trading certain items in-game for coins.

Ultimately, players can turn these in-game coins into the WEMIX$ cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in making money in MIR M, then let’s go over multiple ways to do so.

How to Earn in MIR M

The game features two distinct currencies: DRONE and DOGMA.

DRONE can be obtained from mining Darksteel and can be traded in for the cryptocurrency WEMIX$. This token is officially the cornerstone of the game’s economy.

DOGMA, on the other hand, can be bought with DRONE. It can be used by players to vote for in-game events, such as summoning a certain boss for all players.

Aside from both of these coins, there’s also the Wayfarer’s Exchange. This market allows players to directly exchange items for WEMIX$.

However, it’s only available on the PC version of the game.

Now, let’s go over how to make use of these features to earn.

How to Earn and Use DRONE

How to Earn and Use DRONE

As previously mentioned, DRONE is mainly earned by mining and selling Darksteel.

Darksteel is only minable in the multiple Hidden Valleys spread throughout the game’s world. The earliest one that players can access is the Bicheon Hidden Valley.

To begin mining, you have to progress the game story and get your character up to Level 25. Eventually, as you progress, you’ll be granted access to the Hidden Valleys.

Hidden Valleys come in multiple floors, with lower floors having tougher enemies but better Darksteel veins. It’s important to keep improving your character so you can go into the lower levels to get Darksteel faster.

You’ll need about 100,000 Darksteel for every 1 DRONE coin. Once you have enough DRONE coins, you can trade them for the WEMIX$ cryptocurrency.

To do so, you’ll need to use the Play Wallet (WEMIX) app. Make sure to connect the Play Wallet to your MIR M account.

In the Play Wallet app, simply pick DRONE from the currency list and choose to exchange it for WEMIX$.

Wayfarer’s Exchange

Wayfarers Exchange

In addition to the DRONE and DOGMA, the PC version of the game also introduces the Wayfarer’s Exchange.

The Wayfarer’s Exchange sidesteps both the DRONE and DOGMA currencies. What this means is that you can directly trade in-game items for WEMIX$.

This is a simpler and more straightforward process than obtaining DRONE. However, only items of a certain quality can be traded in the Wayfarer’s Exchange.

You can also inversely use WEMIX$ in the Wayfarer’s Exchange to purchase any items listed in it if you wish.

While there are lots of items that can be traded in the Wayfarer’s Exchange, do note that this is only available for players of the PC version of MIR M.

However, it certainly adds more ways to earn than mining Darksteel and it’s a much simpler process.

Due to this, players wishing to play MIR M specifically to earn should play the game on PC if possible.

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