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MIR M: Game Settings Guide | Scan, Auto Hunt, Village

Make your character in MIR M do almost everything automatically for you.




MIR M Game Settings Guide Scan Auto Hunt Village

MIR M: Vanguard & Vagabond features a very rich amount of automation settings. These settings allow you to progress in the game even when you can’t afford to focus much on it.

Ranging from automatic combat to automatic questing, nearly every aspect of the game can be automated by the players.

We’ve created this guide to teach you the best settings so you can take advantage of the game’s powerful automation feature.

Game Settings Guide for MIR M

Game Settings Guide for MIR M

To access the settings menu in MIR M, open up the main menu and locate the gear cog icon labeled Settings at the bottom.

Once you open up the settings menu, navigate to the Combat tab. Here you can configure Scan, Auto Hunt, Auto Village, and Auto Misc settings.

Let’s give you a basic overview of each of these setting tabs.



The Scan menu will let you set an automatic periodic scan of the area. This reveals nearby enemies and other characters in the same areas as you are.

You can set the frequency of the scan as well as which entities to scan for.

For example, you can disable scanning for boss monsters if you wish.

Auto Hunt

Auto Hunt

The Auto Hunt menu will allow you to make use of Auto Combat. By turning this on, your character will automatically fight and target nearby enemies and hostile players.

You can set the range you want your character to cover and also change the target priority.

Auto Village

Auto Village

Auto Village lets you set whether or not your character should automatically return to the village.

This is pretty useful, as you can make your character automatically go back to the village to organize items when running out of inventory.

There are many things you can automate in this tab, such as automatically dismantling items of a certain quality and purchasing potions while in the village.

You can also set an automatic Badge of Soaring usage so that your character returns to combat after they’re done in the village.

Auto Misc

Auto Misc

Auto Misc lets you set things such as automatic potion usage. For example, you can set it so your character automatically drinks an HP potion when their HP goes under 50%.

There are also other miscellaneous settings such as limitations and priorities for looting during Auto Combat.

You can even set up Auto Quest in this tab. This allows your character to automatically return to the starting point of quests and turn them in when possible.

You can also set it so your character picks up successive quests and tries to complete them.

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