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MIR M: Character Skills Guide

These are the skills for every class in MIR M.

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MIR M Character Skills Guide

There are three classes in MIR M: the Warrior, Sorcerer, and Taoist. As with any game, each class has its own unique skills and specialties.

They range from dealing damage to enemies, supporting allies, or applying debuffs.

If you’re unsure which class to pick, this guide will show you each of the classes’ skills to help you decide.

Character Skills Guide

Character Skills Guide

Source: IceXgame

Of the three classes in the game, the most beginner-friendly is the Taoist. The class has a first skill that allows you to summon Nachals to aid you in battle.

The Taoist can also apply debuffs to your enemies and apply buffs to you and your allies. Not only that, but the class also has the Greater Heal skill that can revive dead allies.

Character Skills Guide 1

Source: IceXgame

The Sorcerer, on the other hand, features skills that can deal massive damage to a single target or a group of enemies using elemental magic.

This class is the best at farming as they have massive AoE skills that can take down mobs without any problem. One such skill is the one that summons a rain of meteors.

The only downside is that Sorcerers are vulnerable due to their low HP and defenses.

Character Skills Guide 2

Source: IceXgame

Lastly, the Warrior class focuses more on fighting 1v1, making the class excellent for PVP.

Warriors excel in close-ranged battles, and they even have dash skills that allow you to quickly close the gap between you and your target.

The Warrior class has skills that range from a simple sword slash to summoning a rain of swords. It’s also the tankiest class of the tree, with the highest HP and defenses.

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