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MIR M: Best Items to Sell for Gold

Get these items to obtain more gold.

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MIR M Best Items to Sell for Gold

There are different kinds of currency in MIR M which can be obtained anywhere from quests to killing enemies or purchasing from the Market.

One of these currencies is Gold which is a currency you can earn by selling items. However, if you want to earn more of it, you need to know which items you should focus on selling.

This guide will show you just that,

Items that Sell for a Lot of Gold

Items that Sell for a Lot of Gold

Source: Orangee

Gold is used in the Market to buy better gear, materials for crafting, and many more. You can also sell items to obtain more Gold. Another method to obtain Gold is by using real money.

If you want to get Gold quickly, you need to focus on selling two specific items in the Market.

Items that Sell for a Lot of Gold 1

Source: Orangee

The first item is an Old Silver Coin, which you can obtain by fishing or defeating enemies. It is a rare item, so you might have to grind for a bit to get one.

Upon going to an NPC vendor and selling an Old Silver Coin, you will get 10,000 coins. However, the best way to get more out of it is by Registering it for Sale at the Market.

The next item is a Normal Enhancement Stone Purity which can either be +1, +2, or +3.

You can obtain a +1 variant by mining a Normal Vein.

Items that Sell for a Lot of Gold 2

Source: Orangee

Once you have either of these items, you can go to the Market by tapping the menu icon in the upper right corner.

In the Market, find the Register for Sale tab, find the item you want to sell, tap or click on it, then select Register for Sale.

If you do not know how much you will sell it, you can either follow the Recent Sold Price or search for the item you want to sell at the Market and follow the lowest-mid price.

Selling these items will allow you to earn more Gold to spend for your account.

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