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Mindustry: How to Unlock Mechanical Pump

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Mindustry How to Unlock Mechanical Pump

Mindustry is a tower-defense type of game. As implied in its name, your main objective in playing this is to protect your core or your main base at all costs.

However, you have to build a lot of machines and structures to strengthen the foundation and maintain the facilities built inside your territory.

Some of the things that you can do inside the game that concerns the maintenance of your structures are cooling down turrets and speeding up to normal the process of drills.

You can do all these things with the use of water. But the question now is how you can extract water.

During the early game, you will be able to extract water using the Mechanical Pump.

How to Unlock Mechanical Pump in Mindustry

How to Unlock Mechanical Pump in Mindustry

A mechanical pump is one of the many pumps you can encounter in Mindustry. In fact, the mechanical pump is the basic pump you can have.

You can have a mechanical pump once you complete the needed material. To have this, it will cost you 15 copper and 10 metaglass.

Once you have these materials, you can place this on any tile. It can pump out water, oil, and slag underground.

What’s even more interesting and impressive about this is that a mechanical pump does not require power.

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