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Mindustry: How to Make Schematics

Make a building plan for your team’s victory.




Mindustry How to Make Schematics

In playing tower-defense games, your main concern and goal are to protect your base from the attacks of your opponents. You can do this by strengthening both your offense and the defense.

However, both creativity and strategy must work when creating your layout. That means you have to really think about all the components in a group that you will place.

The problem is, lay-outing these structures are a bit time-consuming. The solution here is using schematics.

But what is schematics? – Basically, the schematics are building plans that you can easily duplicate in any area.

Learning this can significantly reduce the time spent rearranging and putting on new structures.

That being said, we made this brief guide to tell you how to make schematics.

How to Make Schematics in Mindustry

How to Make Schematics in Mindustry


To start off in making a schematic is to line up all components that you want to include and form them as how you want them to function. Once they are in their perfect places, select all of these as a group.

select all


Before you can select the whole thing, press first the copy button on the right side of the screen.

When you are done selecting them, a small panel will also appear on the left corner of the screen. Press the Save button. After that, you will have to name this design so you can easily identify it from others.

Basically, that is all you need to know in making schematics.

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