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Mindustry: How to Launch Core

Power up and get your best defenses to protect your base.




Mindustry How to Launch Core

Mindustry is a tower defense game wherein you will have to plan the overall placings and positionings of all the components of your game. It is all up to you on how and what to place next to each other to make everything more efficient.

In playing Mindustry, you also have to be familiar with each building and machinery as well as their function for you to perfectly strategize the defense.

One of the most important and vital components of your territory is the core.

The core is one of the starting blocks in the game. What made it an important one is that it is also the main base and main resource storage.

The same reason why this is the main target of the enemies. That being said, you have to be wary and conscious of the defense mechanism, especially around the core itself.

That is why we made this guide to tell you how to launch the core in Mindustry.

How to Launch Core in Mindustry

How to Launch Core in Mindustry

In Mindustry, the core is not a buildable structure. At the start of the game, you will have a Core: Shard. It is a 3×3 core that has the smallest and weakest core. It can only store up to 4000 resources. You can add conveyors beside it.

However, in order to launch it, you must first have 1,000 copper and 800 lead.

Core Foundation

The next type of core is the Core: Foundation. This is the level-up version of the shard. It now covers a 4×4 tile on your land. Compared to the shard, the foundation is now more sturdy and has a larger capacity of 9,000.

In order to launch this, accumulate 3,000 copper, 3,000 lead, and 2,000 silicon first. Once completed, just place it on top of the current core.

3000 copper 3000 lead and 2000 silicon

The last one would be the Core: Nucleus. This is the last upgrade of the cores. By this time, it can hold resources of as much as 13,000. Plus its health is now 6,000 which makes it even harder for opponents to break it.

To launch this, collect 8,000 copper, 8,000 lead, 4,000 thorium, and 5,000 silicon.

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