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Mindustry: How to Get Water

Learn the mechanics of water collecting in Mindustry.




Mindustry How to Get Water

Defending one’s base does not just concern the high walls and heavy armory. It is also important to make a firm foundation inside.

The only way you can strengthen your support for your base is by providing the basic necessities to maintain the establishments, offense, and defense structures in their best shape. That being said, you have to look for the required resources for the specific infrastructures.

One of the most important resources is Water. It is also the most common type of liquid resource. You can use this to cool down turrets and even speed up the work of drills.

Indeed, water has a major role in keeping your territory in harmony. That is why we made this guide for you to learn how you can collect water in Mindustry.

How to Get Water in Mindustry

How to Get Water in Mindustry

To be able to collect water, you will have to try out different machinery and pumps. Here, we will show you each that you can use in getting water in Mindustry.

In this guide, we will cover four pumps to extract water. Namely, these are the Mechanical Pump, Water Extractor, Impulse Pump, and Rotary Pump.

Water Extractor

Water Extractor

One way to get water is through the use of a Water Extractor.

The water extractor can be constructed by collecting 30 lead, 30 metaglass, and 30 graphite. Once constructed, you can place it anywhere with so water on the surface. What the water extractor will do is use power to pump groundwater. However, using a water extractor has low efficiency.

Mechanical Pump

Mechanical Pump

Aside from the water extractor, you can also use the Mechanical Pump to get water. It is actually the default and basic liquid pump in Mindustry. To build this, you will only need 15 copper and 10 metaglass.

The big difference in using this over the water extract is that the mechanical pump does not require power. Plus, it is placed on a liquid tile so it can function well.

Rotary Pump

Rotary Pump

The next one is the Rotary Pump.

A rotary pump is another machine that requires power to run. Its efficiency is twice of the mechanical pump. Despite that, it only requires a small amount of power.

In order to construct this, you have to gather 70 copper, 50 metaglass, 35 titanium, and 20 silicon.

Impulse Pump

Impulse Pump

Down with the last option is the Impulse Pump.

Among all the choices, this one has the highest efficiency and is the strongest pump in the game. In order to build this, you have to obtain 80 copper, 90 metaglass, 40 titanium, 35 thorium, and 30 silicon.

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