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Metroid Prime Remastered: Power Bomb Location

Get this stronger Morph Ball Bomb quickly and easily.




Metroid Prime Remastered Power Bomb Location

The Power Bomb is a much stronger version of the Morph Ball Bombs in Metroid Prime Remastered.

Unlike the regular Morph Ball Bombs, Power Bombs are capable of destroying the Bendezium barriers you find blocking your path at times.

This guide will show you where you can obtain it.

Where to Find the Power Bomb

Where to Find the Power Bomb

Source: Skryux

The Power Bomb can be found in the Central Dynamo when you’re in the Phazon Mines.

The Central Dynamo is a large room with a device in the middle. Shortly after entering the room, you’ll have to fight an invisible enemy that you should take out to proceed.

Where to Find the Power Bomb 1

Source: Skryux

The enemy, known as a Cloaked Drone, can’t be scanned or locked on to. It’s not a particularly strong enemy, but you’ll have to rely on manual aiming to shoot it.

Don’t waste time scanning it either, of course.

Thankfully, Metroid Prime Remastered made manual aiming easier, so take advantage of the improved controls to take this enemy down.

If you have the Wavebuster missiles, they are very useful since they will follow the Cloaked Drone and hit it every time.

When the Cloaked Drone is down for the count, the device in the room will explode. Use your Morph Ball and enter a hole in the floor to enter an electric maze.

Where to Find the Power Bomb 2

Source: Skryux

Sadly, we can’t provide exact directions through this maze as it is randomized and different each time.

Roll between the electric rods while being careful to avoid taking damage. Sometimes, you might come across puddles on the floor.

Use bombs in these puddles to disable the nearby electric rods.

Make your way to the glowing yellow orb in the maze’s center to acquire the Power Bomb. A short demonstration will then play with Samus opening the exit.

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