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Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Get the Space Jump Boots

Unlock the ability to double jump by grabbing the Space Jump Boots.




Metroid Prime Remastered How to Get the Space Jump Boots

Metroid Prime Remastered has a large number of upgrades and tools for Samus to find during her adventure.

The Space Jump Boots are one of the earliest and most important upgrades. These boots allow Samus to jump again in mid-air, opening up lots of possibilities in exploration and combat.

If you’re eager to start using the Space Jump Boots, here’s a guide on exactly how and where to get them.

How to Get the Space Jump Boots

How to Get the Space Jump Boots

Source: Skryux

You can obtain the Space Jump Boots near the Tallon Canyon after you get the Boost Ball upgrade.

Once you’re in the Tallon Canyon area, look for a half-pipe. Use your Morph Ball with the Boost Ball upgrade to swing until you reach the ledge on the side of the half-pipe.

How to Get the Space Jump Boots 1

Source: Skryux

Now walk through the small stone bridge. Turn into a Morph Ball again and blast the sandstone wall with a Morph Ball Bomb. Head through the small tunnel you just opened up.

Destroy two more walls with your bombs and you’ll enter a new room. Exit the Morph Ball form and shoot the door to open it. Walk through the hallway and go through another door.

How to Get the Space Jump Boots 2

Source: Skryux

You should now be in the Landing Site, on a ledge overlooking Samus’ ship. Jump across the gaps in the ledge to reach yet another door. Open it with your regular beam shot.

The Jump Space Boots are floating in the center of the room, so just walk up to them to pick them up. A short cutscene will play. With this, you can now double-jump by pressing the jump button again in mid-air.

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