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Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Get the Phazon Suit

Get the final suit upgrade!

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Metroid Prime Remastered How to Get the Phazon Suit

In Metroid Prime Remastered, you will encounter Phazon which is a radioactive substance known for its energy-producing properties but is also highly mutagenic.

In fact, one of the enemies you encounter is contaminated by Phazon.

The good thing is that you can also upgrade your suit to the Phazon Suit, and we will show you how to do it.

Getting the Phazon Suit

Getting the Phazon Suit

Source: Skyrux

You can obtain the suit in the Phazon Mines at the Elite Quarters Access. Head to the end of the room to trigger a boss battle against the Omega Pirate.

Move around as much as possible so that the Omega Pirate can’t instantly defeat you.

When the Omega Pirate becomes invisible, it’s an indicator that it’s near death. At the same time, it will summon normal Pirates. Defeat the newly spawned Pirates first, as they can be pretty annoying.

Once you defeat the Omega Pirate, a cutscene plays where its body falls over Samus.

The Omega Pirate’s body will then turn into Phazon and seep into Samus’ Suit, turning into the Phazon Suit.

Getting the Phazon Suit 1

Source: Skyrux

Don’t worry though. Samus won’t get any repercussions except for the suit’s color change and some advantageous effects.

For one, the suit grants damage reduction to 50% and immunity to radiation from blue Phazon. However, you can still get damaged by red Phazon.

Finally, you can enter a state called Hyper-mode which covers Samus’ body with a blue aura and causes her Cannon to transform into the Phazon Beam, the most powerful weapon in the game.

With this, you are ready and even have the chance to defeat the final boss.

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