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Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Get the Grapple Beam (Location)

Obtain the Grapple Beam and use Grapple Points to explore new areas.




Metroid Prime Remastered How to Get the Grapple Beam Location

The Grapple Beam is an important tool for exploration. This allows Samus to swing from one Grapple Point to another, allowing her to explore new areas.

If you need the Grapple Beam but don’t know where to find it or how to reach it, this guide is for you.

How to Get the Grapple Beam

How to Get the Grapple Beam

Source: Skryux

The Grapple Beam can be obtained from the Phazon Mines after you acquired the Ice Spreader.

To start, you want to return to the Ore Processing room. Use the cylinder in the room as you did earlier in the game by using your Morph Ball to roll on the red track.

How to Get the Grapple Beam 1

Source: Skryux

Reach the third level and jump to the ledge where the hologram and Morph Ball device are. Use a Power Bomb to destroy the rubble. Now, use the Morph Ball to jump into the device and operate it.

Use two bombs inside the Morph Ball device to rotate it twice. Now jump to the second level and use the Morph Ball device here. Rotate it three times.

How to Get the Grapple Beam 2

Source: Skryux

Lastly, jump onto the bottom level and operate the last Morph Ball device. Rotate it once and the yellow track will be completed.

Ride the yellow Morph Ball track until you drop down in front of some rubble. Destroy the rubble with a Power Bomb to reveal a door.

Lastly, open the door with your Ice Beam to reveal a small room.

You’ll see the Grapple Beam in the middle of the room. Pick it up for a short cutscene.

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