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Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Get the Charge Beam

Learn where to find the powerful Charge Beam.




Metroid Prime Remastered How to Get the Charge Beam

The Charge Beam is an early upgrade that allows Samus to charge up her regular beam to fire a much stronger shot.

Additionally, the Charge Beam opens up the possibility of using Charge Combo weapons later on, such as the Super Missiles.

To get the Charge Beam, you will first have to solve a puzzle. This guide will help you out.

How to Get the Charge Beam

How to Get the Charge Beam

Source: Skryux

You can find the Charge Beam in the Watery Hall inside the Chozo Ruins.

This is a U-shaped room with toxic water flooding most of the floor. Avoid the water by jumping on the bits of ground around the room and using them as platforms.

To be able to reach the Charge Beam, you’ll need to scan 4 runic symbols found in the room.

How to Get the Charge Beam 1

Source: Skryux

The first symbol is on a wall to your left as soon as you enter the room. If you turn around and face the door you just came through, it would be to the right of the door. Scan it with the Scan Visor.

How to Get the Charge Beam 2

Source: Skryux

Now, turn around and face the toxic water. Jump on platforms until you reach the longest one in the middle. The second runic symbol is on one end of this long platform.

How to Get the Charge Beam 3

Source: Skryux

Continue through the long platform and the next runic symbol will be right in front of you on the wall. Scan it and turn around, then head back to the room’s entrance.

Jump on the block that’s right in front of the entrance to access an elevated set of platforms. Follow the platforms while avoiding the tentacles until you reach a steel gate.

How to Get the Charge Beam 4

Source: Skryux

The fourth runic symbol is to your right as you face the steel gate. Scan it to activate it. Now, simply scan the runic symbol on the center of the gate to open it.

Jump through the gate onto the room that opened up. You’ll instantly notice the Charge Beam upgrade at the end of the room.

How to Get the Charge Beam 5

Walk up to it and pick it up to trigger a cutscene. You’ll then acquire the Charge Beam after!

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