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Marauders: How to Find the Forklift on Spaceport

Don’t get lost looking for the forklift in the spaceport.




Marauders How to Find the Forklift on Spaceport

The early game of Marauders has had some players getting lost a little. The second task of Zero to Hero asks you to find a forklift, but many tend to struggle as they try to find it. The drab and dark space station makes navigation or finding the way to go challenging.

Because of this, we have created this helpful guide so you can get on to the looting and shooting.

Go to the Asteroid Mine

Go to the Asteroid Mine
Source: Aka Katset

If the forklift is eluding you, as it has many other players, simply go over to the Asteroid Mine. After you have entered and right before entering the Pod Bay, turn around, and you should see the forklift.

Be sure to look around this area, as you may have mistaken the forklift as part of the background due to its color.

Starting the Forklift

Starting the Forklift
Source: Aka Katset

After you have found the forklift, you must activate it. To do so, walk up to it and hold E. Most have only pressed E and, in turn, have got lost again, so be sure to hold it. After holding E for a few seconds, you will hear a beep, and there you go! The mission is done.

Now you can go and find some good equipment and start progressing in the game. This common issue that many players are facing comes down to bad design.

The forklift has the same grey and brown colors as most of the space stations and does not stand out at all. Most simply walk by the forklift, assuming it is part of the environment.

Hopefully, the developers will take note of this and make the forklift more visible in an upcoming update.

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