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Luxurious Chest Puzzle Guide in Wounded Shin Valley | Genshin Impact

Check out the luxurious chests hidden in the Wounded Shin Valley.




Luxurious Chest Puzzle Guide in Wounded Shin Valley Genshin Impact

The recent Genshin Impact 3.4 update has added a new map location in the game which is the Desert of Hadramaveth.

Along with the new location, new features are also included such as temples, ruins, and even treasures.

That being said, we want to reveal to you all the locations of the Luxurious Chests in the Desert of Hadramaveth, specifically, in the Wounded Shin Valley.

Luxurious Chest Puzzle Guide in Wounded Shin Valley

Luxurious Chest Puzzle Guide in Wounded Shin Valley

Source: Mobile Game

The Wounded Shin Valley is a part of the newly added map location, Desert of Hadramaveth in the Sumer region. Just like in other map areas, there are also chests that are hidden and yet to be found by the travelers.

But, don’t worry, we are here to help you out in finding the locations of the Luxurious Chest.

First Totem

First Totem

Source: Mobile Game

Going to the northwestern area of Wounded Shin Valley, you will see these four totems scattered around this area.

What you have to do is move closer to the one in front and face the cliff on the right side.

In that position, you will notice a series of four-leaf sigils that you can use to easily get to your destination.

First Totem 1

Source: Mobile Game

After grappling to the fourth four-leaf sigil, you will land on this edge of the cliff. You will immediately notice the Exquisite Chest sitting on the wooden platform.

However, there will be an enemy guarding this.

Make sure to defeat the enemy first so that you will be able to open the chest. Once you unlock the chest, you will receive +20 Adventure XP, 2x Dendro Sigil, 2x Fine Enhancement Ore, 1x Lucky Dog’s Clover, +1133 Mora, 1x Iron Point, 1x Adventurer’s Pocket Watch, and +5 Primogem.

Second Totem

Second Totem

Going back to your first location, near the totems, move next to the second totem and face right. From there, you will see another set of four-leaf sigils. Use these again to go there easily.

After the third sigil, you will land exactly between the chest and the enemy. Take this enemy down first to gain access to the chest.

From this Common Chest, you will receive +74 Mora, +10 Adventure XP, 1x Dendro Sigil, 3x Fine Enhancement Ore, 2x Lucky Dog’s Clover, and +2 Primogem.

Third Totem

Third Totem

The series of four-leaf sigils can be found at the back of the third totem. This will lead you to another uphill land mass.

Another enemy will appear in front of the chest. Once you have defeated this enemy guard, you will now be able to access the Common Chest.

Inside the chest are +10 Adventure XP, 1x Dendro Sigil, 1x Torn Page: A Thousand Nights (I), 3x Fine Enhancement Ore, 1x Exile’s Feather, and 2x Primogem.

Fourth Totem

Fourth Totem

The fourth and last totem will connect you to the series of four-leaf sigils going below this big chunk of rock.

Same as the others, you will also face an enemy guarding the chest. But after fighting her, you can now freely go and check the Exquisite Chest.

Inside, you can get +20 Adventure XP, 2x Dendro Sigil, 1x Lucky Dog’s Eagle Feather, 1x Adventurer’s Pocket Watch, 2x Fine Enhancement Ore, and +5 Primogem.

The Luxurious Chest

The Luxurious Chest

After collecting all the items inside the four chests, go back to the center of the four totems. In the center, you will finally see the Luxurious Chest.

Inside this chest are +30 Adventure XP, 4x Dendro Sigil, 4x Mystic Enhancement Ore, +1772 Mora, 1x Exile’s Circlet, 1x Instructor’s Brooch, 1x Lucky Dog’s Eagle Feather, 1x Adventurer’s Flower, 1x Pocket Grimoire, 1x Seasoned Hunter’s Bow, and +10 Primogem.

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