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Lost Eidolons: Which are the Best Classes to Use

Of the various classes in Eidolons, certain ones will definitely stand out including the Sharpshooters, Assassins, Sorcerers, Bishops, and Vanguards.

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Lost Eidolons feature up to 21 different classes you can choose from. However, certain classes won’t become available to certain characters, and select characters will have access to exclusive classes.

If you’re new to the game, you want to pick the best classes to breeze through your playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at the best classes you can use in Lost Eidolons.

Which are the Best Classes to Use in Lost Eidolons

To determine which are the best classes to use, let’s go through each stage and pick the best among them. Classes are categorized into Basic, Beginner, Advanced, and Master. You start off with the Basic class which is a choice between the Commoner and the Noble.

Of the two, there’s really no better choice between them as they’re basically the same. They’re really no difference stat-wise, and the only thing that sets them apart is the character’s background. At this point, you just want to master the class skill called Gutsy Stamina which increases your HP by 6.

This skill will carry over to the other classes further down. So before you change to your first beginner classes, I highly recommend getting this class skill first.

Beginner Class

Credits: LolFroob

You can gain access to the beginner classes in chapter 4, and in this one, you’ll have a choice between the Fighter, Mage, and Squire. At this point, your choice of a class will depend on your preferred playstyle.

If you want to fight in the frontline, then the Fighter is your best option. But if you want to position in the backline, then you’d want to go Mage.

Then we have the squire which is basically the tank whose main job is to taunt enemies and draw aggro toward itself. This can be a good choice if you want your team to remain unharmed during fights.

Advanced Class

Credits: LolFroob

As you reach chapter 6, you’ll then unlock the advanced classes which introduce even more classes to choose from. Here, you’ll gain access to the upgraded versions of the beginner classes. There’s the Warrior for the Fighter, Wizard for the Mage, and Knight for the Squire.

At the same time, you also unlock two new classes namely the Hunter and the Priest. The Hunter will serve as your ranged physical damage dealer who stays in the backlines.

Meanwhile, the Priest is your support class which provides healing and status-effect cleansing to the party.

Master Class

You unlock the Master classes upon reaching chapter 17, and this is where your choice of a class counterpart matters. Unlike the previous tiers where your beginner class only advances to a single, more powerful class, the Master class provides you with two different options.

Now, let’s have a look at which are the better counterparts in this section.


Credits: LolFroob

For the archers, the best class to pick would be the Sharpshooter due to its very high bow range. In case you’re wondering, this class skill allows you to position your character in a position where you can attack opponents from a very far distance.

What makes the Sharpshooter the far superior choice is its abilities. There’s the Marksman’s Aim which allows you to lower enemy defense by 3 for two turns. While this might sound weak, it’s actually quite powerful as it lets you deal a ton of damage to that enemy.

You can then follow it up with Marksman’s Shot which causes you to deal even more damage to marked enemies. Due to this, having two Sharpshooters in the team is really worth it as you can effectively kill an enemy in a single turn.


As for archers, the Assassin is the best option as it allows you to potentially one-shot enemies with ease.

This is due to the fact that the Assassin is by far the highest damage-dealing class in the game. This is made possible by the Dual Blade Master skill which grants a critical hit chance when dual-wielding swords.

This pairs nicely with the Swordmaster skill which grants even more physical damage when wielding a sword.

Apart from that, the Assassin also has the Miasma skill where you can throw poison on a cross-shaped pattern.

This is really handy when fighting bosses, especially when there are enemy units surrounding that boss. You can even have other characters throw fire into the poison cloud to cause an explosion which then causes AOE damage.


The Sorceror is the best choice in the mage class section due to a number of reasons. First, it has the High Magician skill which increases your Recorded Spell Count by 3. Second, there’s the Elemental Grandmaster skill which allows you to deal extra damage when casting Elemental magic.

Lastly, there’s the Firestorm skill which allows you to record the powerful Firestorm spell and use it whenever you wanted.

As for the defensive master classes, we’re going for the Bishop due to the fact that it has access to powerful healing magic which is indispensable on the battlefield. The Bishop has the ability to record the Healing Wind spell which is a ridiculously powerful healing spell.


The difference between Templars and Vanguards is that the former specializes in magic defense while the latter specializes in physical defense. However, we’re still going for the Vanguard in this one as it has access to a wider arsenal of defensive abilities.

The Taunting Smash is the upgraded version of the taunt ability which causes the Vanguard to draw aggro toward himself. Then there’s Defensive Training which is a powerful ability that massively reduces the amount of physical damage the Vanguard receives.

Then there’s the Cavalry skill which increases your guard stat when mounted. Overall, the selection of abilities that the Vanguard has makes it pretty busted when it comes to defending.

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